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Emailable Tech Support is a tri-weekly series of easy-to-share guides for the less tech savvy people in your life. Got a beginner tech support question you constantly answer? Let us know at Remember, when you’re just starting out computing, there’s very little that’s too basic to learn. Today we’re going to take a look at keeping system software and third-party applications up-to-date.

To turn back on the feature, just modify the same registry value again and set its data to 1. You can either tweak the registry manually by following the steps below, or you can simply download and run the registry files we provide after the steps to avoid messing with the registry yourself. Method 1 is recommended since you disable recent items/frequent places from Windows’ native settings, in contrast toMethod 2, in which you have to tweak the registry. When I still search suppose the word ‘the’ in the start screen, I still get all video results I may have played…even if they are a month old. How to remove list on the right click of VLC icon at taskbar/dock.

It provides a quick and thorough system diagnosis, then delivers robust system optimization, removes spyware and viruses, then repairs Windows Registry. That said, such pack can significantly boost your computer’s performance. What is more, the software uses an up-to-date Windows OS file database, so it can replace damaged OS files without the need to reinstall the whole operating system.

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So, until and unless you install that missing DLL, you will be unable to run the application or game. To resolve the error, Windows users typically get the DLL file downloaded from the internet. DLL files fixer programs assist you in scanning for missing or corrupted DLL files, downloading them quickly, and resolving the overall problem with minimal effort. A simple solution to DLL Hell in an application is to statically link all the libraries, i.e. to include the library version required in the program, instead of picking up a system library with a specified name. This is common in C/C++ applications, where, instead of having to worry about which version of MFC42.DLL is installed, the application is compiled to be statically linked against the same libraries. This eliminates the DLLs entirely and is possible in standalone applications using only libraries that offer a static option, as Microsoft Foundation Class Library unarc.dll missing does.

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  • If the device uses an older version of the operating system and it’s not experiencing any issues, you should wait a little longer.
  • You’ve put down all pertinent reasons for not downloading missing .dll files from and unknown and/or untrusted source.
  • While we don’t recommend downloading individual DLL files, this is the original source of the sqlite3.dll file and is safe to download.

If you’re having problems getting the upgrade to take, here are a few reasons why the upgrade failed, and what you can do for a successful upgrade. When upgrading Windows 10, sometimes the process fails. Here are a few reasons why an upgrade might fail and what you can do to troubleshoot and fix them. Also, disable your firewall after you have downloaded Windows 10 but before initiating the installation process.

By default, the policy is set to Not Configured, so you need to check the Enabled option. Once you’re done, just close all windows and then the policy should be enforced, with jump lists disabled on your device. One issue with a Jump List is it will show recent activity and history for each program that has a pinned Taskbar icon or Start Menu entry. If you don’t want a specific list to show or want to clear one or more lists, it isn’t immediately obvious how to do it. To disable specific Jump Lists, clear one, some or all Jump Lists, create your own Jump Lists or turn the option off altogether, we have a number of solutions for you to look at. The Settings app provides a simple way to disable recent items and frequent places in Windows 10. To enable the recent items and frequent places feature, you just have to select “Disabled” or the “Not Configured” option.

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On some occasions, however, you may find SmartScreen overstepping its bounds and blocking you from downloading a file you know to be safe. If you are 100% confident about the source and game safety, add the Steam DLL file to antivirus exceptions so that it does not block it anymore. If you’ve got a licensed game and an antivirus reacts similarly, it may be due to a virus or malware sitting in a PC. Finally, some users have expressed complaints regarding missing MVCR110.DLL and VCRUNTIME140.DLL files that won’t allow WAMP software to work. The file is missing issue can be fixed using the guidelines given below. Some users have reported that the IsDone.dll error is showing because of a bad sector in the RAM.

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