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How To: Best Secrets Link2SD Application For Android Devices You Should Try [Part 2].

Download the Link2SD application from Google Play from here. The application support ads, so it’s completely free to download, install and use. I was one of the Hard user of Link2SD application. What I observed from this app is that you should not remove your SD card once you have applications on your SD Card. While phone booting some of the applications gets initialized. “SuperSu Zip Download” has the optionally to grant or deny permission to a particular app for specific time period.

You need to create two physical partitions on the map, the first FAT32. Both sections must be reformatted before further use. You can also view and copy non-root files using the SCP protocol when using WinSCP under Windows. .dex files are slightly larger or slightly smaller than the original .apk. After starting, go to the program settings, then Expert Options, check the Show system partitions there and if your phone is rutted, then Use su rights.

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Like the second step click on the add button to select the format to add After selecting the size will get change. One of the most important thing that you much keep in the note is that to keep your phone rooted. Also, you will need internal access to download other required stuff while performing the tutorial of using Link2sd on your device.

SuperSU is developed by Chainfire, he is a well-recognized Xda developer and has offered various similar tools to the Android applications. For me it was fixed by replacing Kingo Root with SuperSU and then enabling “Allow root access during boot”. It seems that on some phones you may also have to install busybox for Link2SD to work. It will help you easily send games and applications to the SD-drive. Link2SDis a utility for sending data from the device memory to a memory card. Link2SD additionally gives local App2SD highlight of Android OS. It can move any client applications to SD card , with clump moving ability.

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It will not list all apps that are installed on your smartphone along with the user apps. First of all, download and install Link2SD on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. You can follow this link to get the download file.

  • When I partitioned mine I used GParted Live.
  • I know exactly what you mean, and I’m happy to report there’s no lag whatsoever with this phone.
  • Root Uninstaller is another best root app for android 2017.
  • Right-click on what is now the unallocated partition on your SD card and select “Create” from the popup menu.
  • Power on your phone and install Link2SD from the Android Market.