ROMs and Emulators

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Or how many programmers do you see creating a graphical front end for their programs? Writing a dedicated server is WAY easier then writing a GRAPHICAL client.

A Background In Real-World Methods Of ROM Games

Are emulators legal

If you have worked in the game industry you would know this. Sound anything like market competitors for open source service providers (Red Hat, slackware, Corel, etc.)? This is the central idea behind free markets, and using the DMCA to shelter an anti-competitve monopoly is probably not entirely legal. Anyway, for copyright to apply, they’s have to have copyied part of Everquests work.

If this was about copyright, the Berne Convention [] applies. The tying of two products or services together is called bundling, and is generally illegal. There are ways around this, like patching system calls to redirect to the emulator server. Well, obviously they are not happy because they’ve been going around suing people. The reason they are unhappy is that in allowing someone else into their market, they no longer have complete control.

Then, when some other company figures out how to make the blades, you hire a bunch of lawyers and sue them to high heaven. And lets not forget the strong legal standing affored to EULA – ie bog all . You may want focus on a (clean-room) clone of the client. And then distribute it so that it becomes difficult to determine who is connecting to the clone servers with an EULA-violating official client. In the case of EverQuest, I really don’t see what the problem is.

Epsxe Sound, Drive, And Controller Configuration

First, you are very clearly NAL; you’ve managed to confuse patents and copyrights in your third sentence. It certainly has been decided, and reverse engineering is legal, if it is directed at producing a compatible application. Reverse engineering aimed at stealing somebody else’s intellectual property is not legal, and this case looks to be decidedly an example of the latter. Maybe I’ll use a better analogy that more /.’ers will understand. How many people do you see writing new and innovative GUI’s for Linux?

People still buy your game, and they still use your game. I mean, what should you care what they do in their own time, and who are you to tell your customers how they should use your product? You should help them, and give them some specs, and they’ll like you better, and support you in the future. Regardless of how nasty the US legal system is, it has absolutely no power over foreign nationals when it comes to civil cases.