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You can use popular formats including rich text documents and presentations. Besides these two formats, users can share polls, Trello-style whiteboards, to-do lists, and even a code compiler window. To start with, it comes with both desktop and web based apps which you can use for both online and offline access.

  • This very impressive program is worth exploring in depth, and there is plenty to explore, all of it friendly and accessible.
  • Also, the calculation for the Firdaria has been extended to download Youtube 120 years.
  • It hardly seems possible that the Janus software could be improved upon, but as Janus 3 prepares for its launch, its makers seem to have done just that.
  • Although an old hand myself, I learnt a few new things from the help facility, which effectively comprises a searchable textbook of astrological techniques.

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To make your job easier, Coda allows you to initiate a new task or tag a team member by simply typing ‘@’. Being based on the blockchain, Graphite Docs uses BlockStack to sign in. Apart from the text editor, there is a file vault i.e. a blockchain-backed storage drive where you can store a variety of documents protected with encrypted keys. This provides added security over Google Docs and other Drive applications.

Here are some apps that do the best job of getting everyone on the same page. The editing toolbar on the top has a mix of commonly used editing tools which will remind you of a common CMS editor like WordPress. There aren’t a lot of font styles or sizes to play with but that’s not the main utility here. Notably, there are fewer editing options compared to Google Docs, especially because the focus of the app is collaboration and not simply editing.

Much like Quip, Coda is more of a collaborative team planning tool than just a text editor. To begin with, you can add multiple elements in form of modular elements like graphs, table, videos etc. within a single document. The idea is to accommodate any idea that pops up in your brain, irrespective of when or how it comes up.

You can either share the documents and files with other users via public links or with saved contacts that are also using Graphite’s services. Besides this wide range of options, CryptPad can be seen as one of the preferred Google Docs alternatives for one simple reason and that is because you don’t need to sign up in order to create an online document . You get a good collection of editing tools, much like to Google Docs, and the color scheme also seems familiar. When it comes to sharing, you can share the document with others over a link or even embed the document in an online blog or article, which is an option not available in Google Docs or other substitutes for it. CryptPad is a set of easy-to-use online applications which you can use as a replacement of Google Docs.